Cordless Robot Mowers

Make the move to a Robot Mower from BLACK+DECKER® and you’ll never go back to traditional grass cutting again. With precision performance at the touch of a button, your weekends will be spent enjoying your lawn instead of mowing it.

Whatever the weather, the BLACK+DECKER® BCRMW121, BCRMW122 and BCRMW123 will take on the task of outdoor chores, keeping your lawn at its absolute best.



Floating Mower Deck

The Black+Decker® Robot Mower's floating mower deck easily navigates uneven lawns, leaving a flawless finish

Solid Steel Blade

Black+Decker® Robot Mowers feature a solid steel blade which is durable and requires less maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy your lawn

High Traction Wheels

Black+Decker® Robot Mowers feature a high-traction, treaded, three wheel design for maximum maneuverability on soft, bumpy terrain


The Black+Decker® Robot Mowers' self-cleaner* keeps the mowing deck free from grass clippings, ensuring your lawn is well fertilised for a greener, healthier lawn

* BCRMW122 & BCRMW123 models only

Robot Home

The included† Robot Home protects your mower from direct sunlight and rain, keeping it clean and pristine for the perfect mow

† BCRMW123 model only

Robot Connect (GSM/GPS)

Featuring a GSM Module, the BCRMW123 can be tracked, rescheduled, and monitored at the click of a button, from any device with internet access

Service and Support Contact Us

To make the setup process of your Robot Mower easier, please watch our Installation Video and refer to the user manuals. Having trouble? Please contact us for support.

Mowing the lawn made easy

The BLACK+DECKER Robot Mower can be controlled from within the Robot Mower App for ultimate ease of use. Set a schedule, view history, and manually control your mower via Bluetooth®.

And with the BCRMW123, it’s easier than ever to mow your lawn – just ask Alexa.


A flawless lawn, whatever the weather

BLACK+DECKER Robot Mowers are IPX4 weather protected – so you can enjoy a quality lawn come rain or shine. BLACK+DECKER Robot Mowers do not feature rain-sensors, as these can sometimes give false readings and cause the mower to behave unexpectedly